Academia Duellatoria

Portland, Oregon - Phoenix, Oregon

Historic fencing incorporates science, art, spatial awareness, philosophy and spirituality - training the Mind, Body and Spirit of the fencing student as a whole to create a well rounded and fully developed individual. Western European culture and the religious, philosophical and political character of the time period are the key to understanding the mindset behind these systems of fencing.

The exercise of weapons putteth away aches, griefes, and disease, it increaseth strength, and sharpneth the wits. It giveth a perfect judgement, it expelleth melancholy, cholericke and evil conceits, it keepeth a man in breath, perfect health, and long life. It is unto him that hath the perfection thereof, a most friendly and comfortable companion when he is alone, having but only his weapon about him. It putteth him out of fear, and in the wars and places of most danger, it maketh him bold, hardie and valiant. George Silver — 1599

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