At Academia Duellatoria, we take pride in our research and hold ourselves to a high standard of educational excellence. We are delighted that others appreciate our efforts. Below are some testimonials from students of our classes and workshops.

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Reviews of Thibault Seminar in Oregon - 11-09-2006

Greetings, all-- I just want to post a brief review / congratulation following a seminar in Medford, Oregon, USA last weekend on Thibault’s rapier. It coincided with a book release party of the translation from Chivalry Bookshelf (not sure whether it’s available from them yet—if not, it should be any day now) hosted by the translator, John Michael Greer. I was only able to attend day one of the weekend seminar, but that alone was eye-opening. John Michael has been working on this for something like a decade, and it shows. The seminar started with a lecture by him going over some of the history, intellectual context, and esoteric symbolism of the text, and then continued into hands-on instruction taught by Matthew Howden (of Tattershall School of Defense) with the assistance of Jeffrey Richardson (of Academia Duellatoria). Matthew’s grasp of the system and ability to convey it was of a most impressive calibre. He conveyed not just the techniques, but the guiding principles behind them, with attention to the geometric and biomechanical nuances necessary to carry them off. He often demonstrated how a given situation could be responded to within Thibault’s system in a variety of ways, depending upon the opponent’s degree of force and commitment and the degree of severity with which one wished to respond. I wish I could have stayed the course (day two was to have included Thibault vs. Italian swordplay and vs. the two-handed sword!) but this seriously whetted my interest (no small feat given than I am a dyed-in-the-wool Italophile). If you have the opportunity to hear a lecture from John Michael (and/or buy a copy of his translation with its gorgeous facsimile illustrations) or take a course from Matthew, I am sure you will not come away disappointed. Congrats, gentlemen-- job well done.

Jherek Swanger

Math, Alchemy and Insider Tactics to make your opponent into a Shish-kabob

A truly wonderful seminar on Thibault's system for the sword and on the unified field of alchemy and duelling. Matthew, Jeffery and esotericist/translator, John Michael Greer were masterful and a most educational and fascinating time was had by all. I only wish we could have had another day or two to explore via Thibault's Tome. It's merits and/or flaws can now be manifest and examined in the present arena. Now, available to all, direct application of this system will determine fair judgement and it's potential power beyond the theoretical. A job well done Lads!