DelTin B6160 Light Cut and Thrust Blade

DelTin B6160 Light Cut and Thrust Blade
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This blade falls in between our rapier blades and our cut and thrust style blades. The extra length and narrower profile make this blade an excellent choice for systems like Vincentio Saviolo's which emphasize thrusting but still make significant use of cutting techniques.

Length: 40.5" (Shoulder to Point)
Weight: 1.4lb
Unmounted Center of Balance: 12" forward of shoulder
Width: Tapers from 1.1" at the shoulder to .4" at the tip.
Thickness: Tapers from .23" at the shoulder to .08" just behind the tip
Tang thickness: .32"
Fuller: .25" Wide by 11.5" long
Flex Weight: ~14lb