Summer Pirate Camp 2015

Summer Pirate Camp 2015
August 17 9:30AM to 21 3:30PM, 2015
Academia Duellatoria - Portland
4755 Sw Oleson Rd, Suite 101
Beaverton, OR 97225
United States
Map & Directions
Map & Directions

Kids day camp for Aug 17th, to Aug. 21st, 2014
Ages 7 through 12 - or first grade.

Camp runs Monday through Monday – Aug 17th, to Aug. 21st - 9:30am to 3:30pm price $250.00 pre-paid.

Before and after care are available for an additional fee - see details below.
Camp must be pre-registered. There are no refunds however arrangements can be made to transfer registration to a different child.

Our program is focused on teaching historical arts connected to the martial culture of Europe in the time of the 18th and 19th century. We teach history and real world skills related to the time of pirates and privateers.

Learn the skills of sabre and cutlass
Learn about European History and sailing culture
Play pirate games
Craft Projects and learn to tie knots
learn sea shanties

Children will train with lightweight sword simulators and safety gear. They will have the opportunity to handle steel replicas of the real thing. All under the supervision of our instructors.

Before care starts at 8:00 after care ends at 5:45
Kids in before and after care are welcome to work on activities provided during the camp, play board games, play pirate munchkin, use our library or bring their own activities from home. This will be largely self-directed time with adult supervision.
Before care - $50.00
After care - $50.00

Registration forms are available for download in PDF format HERE.

Event posters downloadable in PDF format HERE.

The instructors:
Jeff Richardson - Instructor at Arms at Academia Duellatoria
Mr. Richardson has been studying and teaching martial arts since the age of 13 and began studying fencing in 1986 under Olympic coach Michael D’Asaro and Gay Jacobson. In 1993 He began studying Historical European Weapons Systems from surviving treatises on the use of the rapier. He earned his black belt in 1995 in American Open Style Karate under hall of famer Hanshei Jerry Piddington. In 2001 Jeff hosted the first summit on historical Destreza and also began studying sword and buckler and longsword from historical Italian Texts. Mr. Richardson has been a longstanding member of the SCA and holds the title of Guildmaster in the Royal Guild of Fence and apprenticed as an armourer to Richard Tappan. Academia Duellatoria has been an education resource at OMSI and in public and private schools and at various festivals ever since its foundation, and helps with the Tall Ship Royaliste.

Doctor Jim Emmons
A student of swordplay at Academia Duellatoria. Mr. Emmons studied Tae Kwon Do under the legendary teachers Jhoon Rhee and Jeff Smith in the early 80’s. He began studying modern sport foil in 1987 and saber in 1991 and competed in USFA tournaments from 1991 to 1995. He has been studying the classical and military saber since and more recently has been a student of Academia Duellatoria studying Military Sabre and Italian Sword and Buckler play. He continues to train in TKD and hopes to earn his Black Belt this year. Mr. Emmons holds a BA in Classical Archeology, an MA in Ancient Mediterranian history, A MLS in library studies focusing on archives and manuscript curation, and a PhD in Ancient/Medieval History.

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