Southern Oregon Thibault Seminar

August 13 7:00PM to 15 4:00PM, 2010
Medford, OR

The weekend seminar will be taught in two tracks by Academia Duellatoria instructors Matthew Howden and Jeff Richardson. One track will be aimed at beginners, and one aimed at those who have been practicing for awhile.

First published in 1630, Gerard Thibault's Academy of the Sword stands as one of the most lavish treatises on the art of civilian swordplay ever written. It has also been largely, and unfairly dismissed by most fe...ncing scholars and historians as 'overcomplicated' and 'unimportant.'

In this class, we will study how, through an elegant blending of Dutch and Spanish fencing theory and techniques melded together with a highly rational mental approach to the problems of fencing Thibault was able to achieve a simple, yet surprisingly effective and adaptable system of swordplay.

You will learn the theoretical underpinnings of Thibault's system and practice the techniques that manifest that theory. Come and learn why the 'Academy of the Sword' is more than just another pretty book.


Friday nights lecture will be given by Matthew Howden.
Friday Night Lecture: 'An Ordered Mind In An Ordered Universe' - An exploration of the roles of order and interconnectedness in the renaissance world view and how that can lead to a systematic approach to thinking and learning. Held at 7:00pm on Friday night.

Jeff Richardson will arrive late on Friday.

Saturdays class will start at 9:00 am. Matthew and Jeff will lead warmup exercises starting on Saturday morning before splitting the class into two groups. Class will end approximatly at 4:00pm

Saturday Night Lecture: 'On Purpose: The Role of Elemental Reasoning in the Combative Arts' - The lecture will focus on methods of conscious and systematic analysis and purposeful decision making both in training and in the fight. Lecture will be held over dinner - we will coordinate this in class on Saturday.

Sundays class atarting at 9:00am will again be a combined warmup before splitting the class into two groups. Sunday will end with a combined question and answer session to wrap things up.

Lecture attendance only - $10.00
Weekend seminar for Academia Duellatoria students currently paying on a monthly dues contract $50.00
Weekend seminar for the general public $60.00

Please RSVP via e-mail to jeffery at mind dot net

Registration forms will be at the event.

All activities are scheduled to occur at the following location:

Medford Elks Lodge
202 North Central Avenue
Medford, OR 97501

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