Bartitsu Seminar with Guest Instructor Tony Wolf

March 20 9:00AM to 21 5:00PM, 2010
Milwaukie, OR

Bartitsu was one of the earliest attempts at mixing eastern and western martial arts. During the Victorian age in England, the system was billed as the gentleman's art of self defense and prominently featured the use of the cane or umbrella as a weapon. E.W. Barton-Wright, the system's creator, recognized that fights have various ranges. The cane, which no gentleman ever went into the streets without, extends one's reach and lets a fellow defeat an opponent without dirtying his hands. At closer range the hands and feet come into play utilizing Savate and Pugilism. Closer still JuiJitsu and wrestling are employed. Clubs sprang up around Europe and the system was studied by men and women alike. In fact the system was practiced as part of the training of the English women's suffrage movement as a means of protecting themselves.

Tony Wolf, a martial artist and fight Choreographer from New Zealand, is most recently known for his work on 'Lord of The Rings'. Tony Wolf has recently become a figure in the revival of the study of the art, publishing several books on the subject. He explains, "The perception at the time was that members of the educated classes were at increasing risk from street gangsters…Barton-Wright also stressed that skill at Bartitsu would be useful when traveling overseas, to countries where one 'could not expect fair play.'"

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Academia Duellatoria will be hosting Tony Wolf as a guest instructor for a weekend seminar March 20th and 21st of 2010 to be held in the Portland area. Price is $75.00 for the weekend. We expect this class to fill up and space is limited.

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