Class Offerings: Victorian Mixed Martial Arts

Victorian Mixed Martial Arts

For our Tuesday night second session, we are focusing on practical self-defense in the modern world. Our approach, modeled after the Victorian methods of Bartitsu focuses on mutiple ranges and utilizes techniques and tactics that are consistent with the rest of the systems we study. The primary material comes from two areas:

Victorian era Cane Fighting:

In The Cane as a Weapon, A.C. Cunningham lays out a simple yet highly effective and versatile method of self defense with the ordinary cane or gentleman's walking stick. While this system requires a basic level of dexterity and some practice, it does not rely on strength or athleticism for its effective execution, making it a truly practical approach to self defense.

German Combative Wrestling

When swordplay was in general use, the ability to "come to grips" and fight at close range was an essential part of any fighting-man's repitoire. This is equally true in modern self-defense. Drawing from 15th-17th century Dutch and German sources, we examine methods of entry, locks, binds, breaks, strikes and throws that rely on leverage and timing rather than brute strength and size.

We round these two areas out with practice from English bare-knuckle boxing and French Savate to create a versatile and dynamic martial art.

This class is taught in Portland by Instructors Jeff Richardson and Matthew Howden.

Class Times:

  • Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm