Class Offerings: Smallsword and Advanced Sabre

Smallsword and Advanced Sabre

The classical foil is widely seen as the training weapon for the Smallsword. The Smallsword is an almost exclusively thrusting weapon that reached its fame in the French method of dueling fashion. Domenico Angelo was fencing master to their Royal highnesses the Duke of Gloucester and Prince Henry-Frederic. His 1787 text "The School Of Fencing" is a standard of smallsword study. Angelo declares his influence from study of both the French and Italian method. In addition to taking our basic study from Angelo's text we will also draw from the earlier work of the Scotsman Sir William Hope who wrote several books on the subject for fencing in the salle as well as fights in earnest in the streets.

Angelo's text on the smallsword is part of a greater body of work by the Angelo family on fencing. Based on Henry Angelo's texts on sabre and cutlass our class time will be split with advanced work with the sabre. Fundamentals of the Sabre will be applied to juried combat and intensive drilling and analysis of fencing actions. This compliments our fundamentals of military sabre class.

This class is taught in Portland by Jeff Richardson.

Class Times:

  • Tuesday evenings from 7:30 - 9:00pm