Class Offerings: Military Sabre

Military Sabre

The sabre became a basic sidearm of the military and was widely adopted across Europe and in the United States. The weapon was widely used on foot as well as for the Cavalry and was also used for naval combat training. In the 18th Century Domenico Angelo founded a school of fencing in London, the system flourished for 150 years. The younger Henry Angelo, as fencing and broad sword master to the Light Horse Volunteers of London and Westminster, would publish manuals for training the British Military. It is from Henry Angelo's military texts that we take our basic training. In addition to the Angelo tradition we draw material from other sources. Victorian gentleman, military man and fencing historian Alfred Hutton, publishing in 1889, combined the current style of Italian military sabre with his historic fencing research on English Backsword to bring forward a new training system. We also draw material from the US Naval Academy publication "Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword" written by A. J. Corbesier which deals with the sabre as well as various US Cavalry manuals supplied to us from the library at West Point and our instructors training in classical Hungarian sabre.

This class is taught in Portland by Jeff Richardson

Class Times:

  • Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-5:30pm