Class Offerings: Destreza for Sabre

Destreza for Sabre

Simon de Frias published his book 'Destreza del Sable' in 1809 in Arizpa, Mexico. It is one of only a small handful of treatises dealing with the application of principals from La Verdadera Destreza, the noble Spanish school of combat, to the Sabre.

While written with a definite military air, this work is clearly written not with soldierly drill in mind, but rather the education of a lifelong sword fighter.

This class will examine material from our translation in progress as we build our understanding of this North Americna branch of 19th Century Spanish Destreza. The class is suitable for all skill levels including absolute beginners and we will have equipment on hand for new students who do not yet have their own. The class is taught on Wednesday evenings at our Beaverton location.