Class Offerings: Children and family martial arts program

Children and family martial arts program

The foundation of our children’s martial arts program is American Open Style Karate. The program is aimed at children under the age of 13 and their families. Individual participation in class is great to see, but family participation in class is encouraged. In addition to traditional karate our children’s program is designed to begin to introduceconcepts for a foundation in Academia Duellatoria’s greater historical European martial studies, laying the foundation for studies in our fencing programs.

American Open Style Karate can be divided into several categories of the martial arts: traditional art form called kata, self-defense striking and grappling techniques called goshin waza, the art of weaponry called kobudo, and karate sparring called kumite. These different facets of AOSK allow students to focus on one or more areas of their individual interest. AOSK finds it’s foundations in American Kenpo, Shorin-ryu karate and kickboxing.

American Open Style Karate was created in 1972 by Hanshei Jerry Piddington by invitation of Mr. Robert Trias under charter of the USKA. This was internationally ratified on May 30, 1975. The American Open Style Karate is a blend of styles acquired from many pioneers of modern day karate and the only American Karate system to be recognized by the USKA. In February of 2000, AOSK ties to traditional Okinawan Karate was recognized when Mr. Piddington was declared Headmaster of American Shorei/Shorin Karate by Hanshi John Pachivas, Grandmaster of Shuri-ryu Karatedo.

Academia Duellatoria instructor Jeff Richardson received his black belt from Hanshi Piddington in 1995 while serving as A.K.A.N.A. publicist and the hombo dojo's tournament promoter.

Our karate program is augmented by incorporating concepts from our Bartitsu program. Bartitsu being a late 19th century English self defense system developed by William Barton Wright. This system brought JuiJitsu to England and mixed it with Savate, Bare Knuckles Pugilism and Swiss Cane Fighting. We further augment our program with a study of Italian fighting concepts of the 16th century as taught by Achille Morozzo in his grappling and knife defense writings. These arts lay the foundations for our Historic European Fencing programs.

The AOSK is not just a fighting system of self-defense, physical fitness, and competition. It is a true art, which stresses character building, by instilling traditional values of discipline, responsibility, confidence, humility, courtesy, and respect. In return, the karate-ka will overcome their fears and weaknesses, learning to avoid or walk away from a physical confrontation, if possible, but defend themselves or others, if absolutely necessary.

Rank earned in American Open Style Karate will be recognized by Hanshi Piddington and given on official A.K.A.N.A. rank certificates and kept in records of the national organization. The Hombo dojo and national headquarters currently resides at the school run by Hanshi Piddington located in Ashland Oregon. The website for the National Association can be found at