About Academia Duellatoria: Philosophy

We believe that the martial arts are supposed to bring a heightened sense of responsibility into the student's everyday life, and that their lives will be improved through the balance both physical and mental required by the serious study of the sword.

Martial arts study brings a heightened awareness of ones own body. Study and practice informs of ones own physical capabilities while heightening the awareness of ones surroundings.

Swordsmanship is far more than learning to swing a sword. Indeed, swordsmen have long since recognized that it is the spirit that is stronger than the body; and while physical technique is important, we believe that the mental aspects and elements of character are of long-term benefit to the student of fence.

We also believe that the study of European history and culture is of benefit to everyone. It is important to understand where we have been in order to understand how we got where we are and how best to proceed into the future.

In addition to martial studies we encourage the study of the culture and philosophy surrounding it. Like the fencing masters we draw our material from we encourage the study of the classical Greek and Roman masters and the underlying philosophy of our arts that they influenced. The scientific, mathematical, philosophical and astrological writings of Hermes, Vitruvious, Aristotal, Pythagoras, Euclid, Plato and others all heavily influenced the thinking of the time period we study.